Carnegie Mellon University

The Chemistry Department offers its majors many choices in completing an undergraduate degree and it is important that a strong advising program be in place. Most majors will interact with an Academic Advisor and a Research Mentor. Advisors and mentors are key academics who will get to know you, help clarify your goals, follow your progress, point out special opportunities, discuss post-graduation plans, write letters of recommendation, and nominate you for various awards.

The Director of Undergraduate Studies, Karen Stump is the Academic Advisor and serves as the Point Person / Graduation Advisor for the Department of Chemistry

The Academic Advisor is the Department's designated expert on curricular and academic advising. This person will follow the progress of each student and certify that they have fulfilled the University and Departmental graduation requirements. This advisor is the person who also will:

  • Be available to discuss courses, schedules, requirements and resolve scheduling conflicts.
  • Approve adding or dropping courses throughout the semester.
  • Approve courses that can be taken at other universities in the summer, or at local universities during the year.
  • Assist with issues and concerns regarding personal and academic development.
  • Discuss academic actions, usually in consultation with the MCS Associate Dean.
  • Connect students with other resources available at the university.
  • Work with the student to develop long-term plans and create a curriculum to support those goals.
  • Advise seniors about graduation status in order to graduate on time.
  • Provide guidance for applying to graduate, medical, veterinary and dental schools and other professional schools.
  • On request, write letters of recommendations for students.
The research mentor advises students on issues related to their research projects — normally it is the person with whom the student carries out research. This mentor will be a key person in assisting you in applying and being admitted to an appropriate graduate school.