Carnegie Mellon University

Photon Spectroscopy

Photon Spectroscopy FTIR-NIR Spectrometer (Mattson ATI Affinity 60AR)

Mark Bier at FTIR-NIR Spectrometer


  • Spectral range: MIR 4000 to 400-cm-1, NIR 10000 to 2000-cm-1
  • Fiber optics option: Remspec Mid-IR fiber optic immersion probe system for reaction monitoring. This IR probe has a spectral range of 5000-cm-1 to 900cm1

UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer (Perkin-Elmer Lambda 900)

UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer

PE Lambda 900 USER'S MANUAL in PDF format.


  • Spectral range:
    • 3300-nm  to 185-nm ( to 175-nm with nitrogen purge)
  • Wavelength accuracy:
    • ± 0.08-nm UV-VIS
    • ± 0.32-nm NIR
  • Wavelength reproducibility:
    • std. dev. = 0.008 for n=10 UV-VIS range
    • std. dev. = 0.04 for n=10 NIR range
  • Spectral bandwidth:
    • 0.05-nm to 5.00-nm in 0.01-nm increments UV-VIS range
    • 0.2-nm to 20-nm in 0.04-nm increments NIR range
  • Photometric accuracy:
    • Absorbance ± 0.003 at Abs. = 1
    • Absorbance ± 0.002 at Abs. = 0.5
  • Two Fiber optic probe options:
    • Hellma standard fiber optic immersion probe
      • 300nm to 1100nm UV-VIS with cables
      • 400nm to 2300nm NIR with cables
      • 150 °C max temperature
      • probe diameter 20mm
    • Hellma fiber optic all-quartz immersion probe
      • 400nm to 2300 nm NIR
      • 10mm light path
      • 15mm diameter, quartz measuring head
      • 18mm diameter, quartz tube
      • 150 °C maximum temperature
      • -180 °C minimum temperature
      • probe length 265mm
      • good for corrosive mixtures

CD (JASCO 715)

CD spectropolarimetry

CD spectropolarimetry utilizes left- and right- circularly polarized beams of light to excite optically active samples. The difference in emission intensities released perpendicular to the excitation light is then measured for the sample, and the temperature scan data and spectrum are obtained and displayed.

Parameters and Options:

  • Spectral range: 165-900nm.
  • Temperature range: -10 to 110 Celsius
  • Spatial band width: .1, .2, .5, 1, 2, 5, 10nm, manual
  • Slit width: 1-300 µm
  • Measurement sensitivity: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 100mdeg/FS
  • Magnetic Adjustments
  • 2D or 3D spectrum
  • Continuous or step spectrum



The Jasco J-1500 CD spectrophotometer is an upgraded CD spectrophotometer with added capabilities that allow for a wide flexibility in measurement techniques. Up to four simultaneous modes can be measured, and the system's accessories allow for a wide variety of samples (from liquids, to films, to solid states) to be measured.

The accessories for the system can allow the instrument also undergo automated high-throughput experiments, temperature based absorbance experiments, and stop flow based experiments. Moreover, the wavelength of the CD has ben expanded to a range of 163 – 950nm and an optional InGaAs detector allows for the detection of up to 1600 nm.