Carnegie Mellon University

The Center for Molecular Analysis (CMA) features modern high-performance analytical instruments for use by researchers both at CMU and external to CMU such as at the University of Pittsburgh and industry. The CMA instruments are available to trained user-operators 24 hours/day and sample drop-off is also offered for mass spectrometry.  

In addition to the analytical instrumentation, the CMA provides collaborations, analytical assistance, and training. Dr. Bier offers expertise and instrumentation for advanced ultra-high m/z (heavy ion MS) analysis.

Researchers using these instruments should acknowledge the Center for Molecular Analysis in their publications. Specific use of the mass spectrometers should acknowledge the Center for Molecular Analysis and the instrument grants used:

  • NSF grant number CHE-9808188 for the MALDI-TOF-MS
  • NSF grant number DBI-9729351 for the ESI-QIT-MS.