Carnegie Mellon University

Rates & Services

  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • You must provide either:
    • A CMU Oracle account number OR
    • For Non-CMU Users: A hard copy of the PO number and outside billing address.
  • MS and photon charges are based on the reserved calendar time or the logon time, which ever is greater.
  • Laboratory assistance in MI 551 is provided by CMA staff at a rate of $50/hour.
  • MS training and Non-CMA assistance is provided at $60/hour.

Mass Spectrometry

Thermo Scientific Exactive Plus EMR Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer + Thermo Scientific Vanquish Flex Binary UHPLC, Thermo Scientific LTQ-XL Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer + Thermo Scientific EASY-nLC 1200 Nanoflow Liquid Chromatograph, Applied Biosystems Voyager DE-STR MALDI-TOF, Thermo-Fisher LCQ ESI/APCI Ion Trap, Waters Q-TOF II ESI/APCI Quadrupole-TOF

ServiceCMU UserAcademic User (non-CMU)Industry User
User Operated** $20.00/hour # $30.00/hour $120.00/hour*
Sample Drop-Off
(1 week turn-around)
$50.00/sample $60.00/sample N/A
Sample Drop-Off
(Results within 48 hours)
$100.00/sample $100.00/sample N/A
Additional Sample Preparation +$50.00/sample +$50.00/sample N/A
Protein Identification† +$100.00/sample +$120.00/sample N/A

* Fee determined to be a fair market value relative to equivalent service charges by private companies. (See NSF Grant Policy Manual). CMU incubator companies, that have prior training, are charged using 15min intervals.

† Normal rates apply to samples which have been prepared by the guidelines given on our Mass Spectrometry page. If significant preparation remains to be done upon submission, the "Additional Sample Preparation" charge will be assessed, since the service will take significantly more time to complete.

**New users will be charge for the formal two hour training session.


Photon Spectroscopy

Photon Spectroscopy FTIR-NIR Spectrometer (Mattson ATI Affinity 60AR), UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer (Perkin-Elmer Lambda 900), CD (JASCO 715)

ServiceCMU UserAcademic User (non-CMU)Industry User
User Operated $15.00/hour
($11.00/hr for >30 hours per quarter)
Billed by the hour
Billed by 15mins#

CMU—Users will be charged for start-up training at $50/hour.

#New non-CMU users are charge for the first hour startup help.