Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon Chemistry has renowned faculty and a highly collaborative culture conducive to exciting graduate studies.

Some distinctive features of graduate education in our department:

  • Ph.D. students in the department can begin research quickly. Some begin in the first semester as soon as they join a group. Some do optional rotations to help them find the best group for them by early in their second semester. An early research start in the summer is sometimes possible.
  • A highly collaborative research environment makes it possible to have a project with co-advisors or strong mentoring relationships with more than one faculty member, including faculty in engineering or biological sciences.
  • Students can tailor course work to their research and career interests. Course requirements are completed in 2-3 semesters with specialized courses that can be audited later.
  • Faculty members have trained students for a variety of career paths including academia, entrepreneurship, industry and government. We support the development of excellent communication and mentoring skills for career success.