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Thanks to those of you who sent an alumni news update to us after seeing the new digital CFA Magazine. Although we know that many of you send your news directly to the academic program from which you graduated, we would love for you to fill out our alumni contact form so we can help to let your classmates know what you’ve been doing.

Here is one that came through last time!

Title screen of Nobody's Agent.

Deborah Jaffe (BFA '97, Painting/Drawing) has traveled the world as a photographer and creative director, shooting portraits, lifestyle, travel, interiors, celebrity, reportage, still life and food.

Over a career of more than 30 years, Jaffe has photographed covers of magazines including "Real Simple," "Domino," and "ELLE Decoration UK; her editorial clients include "The New York Times," "The New Yorker," "INSTYLE," "Glamour" and "The Washington Post;" she has shot ad campaigns for Slavatore Ferragamo and catalogues for "Pottery Barn;" she has photographed portraits of Jon Stewart, Chris Rock, Joan Rivers, Jerry Falwell, Jack Kornfield and others. Jaffe has been a Getty photographer since their inception.

Jaffe is currently working on her memoir and documentary, which is being produced by Warner Media and That's Wonderful. The memoir covers the story of her father, Sam Jaffe, an ABC NEWS Moscow and Hong Kong Bureau Chief who was accused of being a spy, double agent and sleeper agent for the KGB by the FBI and CIA.

"During my childhood my father was blacklisted, and my parents sued the FBI and CIA to get the information on why they thought he was a spy under the FOIA," said Jaffe. "We were represented by the ACLU. The case took 9 years, but most of the information in the documents was redacted under national security and remains so to this day. I am trying to find out what happened, and how that affected my life growing up."

Jaffe is grateful for her years at CMU, and still keeps in touch with her classmates who she says are all living interesting lives.

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