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Stuart Evans

Dr. Stuart Evans

Distinguished Service Professor

Mountain View, CA


Dr. Stuart Evans is a board member, educator, author, and expert on dynamic high-tech ventures. As a Distinguished Service Professor, he shares his expertise by teaching related coursework for the MSSM degree program at the Integrated Innovation Institute in Silicon Valley.

Stuart's professional career spans across many areas of entrepreneurship, featuring extensive experience within the tech ecosystem of Silicon Valley. He has conducted research for SRI International and Stanford Graduate School of Business; consulted with Bain and Company; worked in investing for Sand Hill Venture Group; and served as executive management for Shugart Corporation, a Xerox subsidiary. Prior to his time in Silicon Valley, he taught at Cambridge University's Judge Business School.

In addition to his experience in academia and industry, Stuart has published widely on high-tech ventures. His latest book, Super-Flexibility for Knowledge Enterprises, puts forward a practical toolkit for dynamic adaptation in high-tech ecosystems. The book is based on over 28 years of collective field research and practical experience in Silicon Valley of both Stuart and his coauthor Homa Bahrami, a professor of the University of California at Berkeley's Haas School of Business.

  • High-tech entrepreneurship & innovation
  • Dynamic start-up strategies
  • Venture financing
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Enterprise Innovation
  • Doctory of Philosophy (PhD) in Technology Policy, Aston University
  • Master of Science in Operations Research, Aston University
  • Visiting Scholar at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University
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