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MIIPS Advanced Study

Building upon the MIIPS curriculum, the Advanced Study degree takes your Integrated Innovation training a step further, allowing you to gain practical experience and delve further into cutting-edge technology and applied research.

Program Features

  • 16 months (August-December), with summer internship & additional fall semester
  • Great for candidates seeking more experience or to pivot careers
  • Features Innovation Mindset in Practice & additional coursework

Course Highlight: About Innovation Mindset in Practice

Exclusive to MIIPS Advanced Study students, this final semester course inspires students to take their thinking to the next level and to assimilate a topic in the context of an integrated approach to innovation. From the first day of classes through their summer internships + more, MIIPS students have been challenged to embrace ambiguity, trust in a human-centered, evidence-based process, and think as creatively as possible on multidisciplinary teams. They have added new skills to their toolkits and new perspectives for how to "see" the world differently.

The challenge in this intensive class is to apply critical thinking, an innovative mindset, disciplined research, and a thoughtful use of tools/methods to a topic of each student's choosing within the innovation realm. And equally important, the student must be self-directed and demonstrate their ability to communicate about their topic to other practitioners in meaningful ways.

Examples of Past Topics

Gendering of Products in the Toy Industry

Innovation vs. Imitation for Successful Businesses

The Future of Responsive Architecture

Mid-Term Effects of AI on G7 Labor Markets: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to the 21st Century

Re-evaluating strategies for curbing self-inflicted gun suicides: How can designers save lives?

Future of Input Technologies for Mixed Reality Applications

Curriculum Requirements

  • The MIIPS Advanced Study curriculum requires students to complete a minimum of 141 units of course work over three semesters and a summer internship.
  • Students must maintain full-time student status (36 units) during three semesters: fall #1, spring #1, and fall #2 terms.
  • Students must complete at least 42 units of electives relevant to the product development process and be approved by an advisor. This includes 12 units of electives completed within the Integrated Innovation Institute (49-xxx).
  • In order to work with industry sponsors during in the degree-required Integrated Product Development capstone course, signing contractual terms regarding intellectual property and non-disclosure agreements may be required to complete the course project.
  • All coursework must be completed with graduate level courses.
  • Students must have a minimum QPA of 3.0 to graduate.

For additional details regarding degree requirements, review our full Graduate Student Handbook.

Experience Design Intern at McKinsey

“I help clients create professional and engaging digital experiences, including apps, websites, and data visualizations. Digital McKinsey is a fantastic place to work as a designer since it's a mix of traditional consulting and digital practices. We embrace the idea of human-centered design and agile approach to help clients create the best products possible. Working as a hero behind the scenes is a very exciting new experience.”

Hua Fan, MIIPS Advanced '18
Experience Design Intern at McKinsey

Product Management Intern at UPMC

“I'm working with a small team to design and start up a nutritional intervention service that physicians can prescribe to patients who could greatly improve their health with a change in their diet. As a PM intern, I've worked on a little of everything: managing a software project, design research, experience design, software configuration, and marketing communication. I would not be so confident in tackling such a wide variety of problems and tasks without the skills I've learned through the MIIPS program. “  

Jamie Curran, MIIPS Advanced '17
Product Management Intern at UPMC