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June 05, 2020

Advocate for Anti-Racism: Our Responsibility as Innovators

To our iii student community:
We've seen too many times in recent weeks the glaring truth that racism remains deeply rooted in our society. 
In recent weeks, the systemic racism in our society has become glaring. The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and Tony McDade are some of the most recent stark reminders of injustice. As we mourn, we also seek to be better allies and advocates to Black voices that have been ignored for far too long. 
CMUiii wants to strongly state the following: we condemn racism and police brutality.
Our community brings varying cultural backgrounds and experiences to CMU. We recognize that protest & violence in the US can be jarring and scary for many, whether you are located abroad or in the US as you receive this note. While we hear your concerns, we also know that deeper understanding of the issues at hand can help to overcome them. As leaders in innovation and educators, we empower you to learn more, be a leader, share your voice, and turn anxiety or concern into advocacy that impacts change.
As a team, we are holding a regular dialogue about what being anti-racist means for us. We are understanding our privileges, listening to oppressed voices, and supporting social justice organizations and initiatives. Through this journey, we have developed a list of resources for you to learn, take action, and advocate.
Fighting systemic racism & bias does not happen overnight -- it requires ongoing work and conscious effort. 
We invite you to engage in open conversations devoted to discussing racism, advocacy, & action. As a next step, we're joining with our community for an open dialogue and to brainstorm how we as a department can take action and incorporate social justice into our practice at the iii for all CMUiii students, staff and faculty. 
We are also committed to continuing the conversation among our team, holding ourselves accountable in our personal lives, and looking at how social justice informs CMUiii's daily business practices.  You will see shifts across the CMUiii in the coming months as we explore and implement anti-racist tools and ensure that our community is one that combats—not ignores—social injustices. You will see a continued list of resources and ways to engage in your communities. If you see an injustice, you must challenge it. Together, as innovators, we must build a future that’s better for everyone.

Peter Boatwright, Director, Integrated Innovation Institute; Professor, Tepper School of Business
On behalf of the CMUiii Staff Team:
Seth Apol, Digital Content Manager
Leia Delabahan, Academic Advisor
Lizzy Donaldson, Digital Content Manager
Mary Kilcoyne, Alumni Relations Manager
Kelly Pittman, Administrative Coordinator
Gabi Rogers, Academic Advisor
Ben Walfish, Assistant Business Manager
Athena Huether, Associate Director of Admissions
Emma Zink, Director of Operations

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