Carnegie Mellon University

Tartans Soar at Carnegie Mellon University!

Giving CMU Day is 24 hours of generosity in which the CMU community comes together to support the areas of CMU that mean the most to them! On Nov. 29, 2022, students, alumni, parents, faculty and staff and friends came together to give, share the excitement of the day on social media and see their impact multiplied through Giving CMU Day-exclusive matches and challenges.

Explore the impact of Giving CMU Day 2022 and save the date for Giving CMU Day 2023 on Nov. 28, 2023.

What Inspires Our Alumni to Give

"My time at CMU as an undergrad was incredible and that experience set me up for success ever since. I give so that others, perhaps those less fortunate, can have the same opportunity."

"I give to CMU because I appreciate the education, friends and experiences I received when attending this institution. I often reflect on the impact my CMU professors had on my personal and professional life. Giving back to CMU is a simple way I can say 'Thank you' as well as hope it enriches a future Tartan's experience at CMU."

"I choose to give back to the school that opened doors of opportunity for me when I was starting my career in the hopes that others can have similar opportunities available when starting their careers."