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Thank you!

Giving CMU Day reached a record-breaking high score

From the moment the Start button was pressed until the last gift was counted, our leaderboard — with 6,600 donors and more than $2.1 million in support — showed what the Tartan community can achieve together.

"I give to CMU because I appreciate the education, friends and experiences I received when attending this institution. I often reflect on the impact my CMU professors had on my personal and professional life. Giving back to CMU is a simple way I can say 'Thank you' as well as hope it enriches a future Tartan's experience at CMU."

Student Giving at CMU

Student involvement is critical to the success of Giving CMU Day each year. 

With your engagement and giving, you elevate the programs, resources and projects that mean the most to you at CMU. The impact you made during these 24 hours of philanthropy will have both an immediate difference on the CMU experience and create opportunities for the students that follow in your footsteps.

Save the date for next year's Giving CMU Day:
Dec. 3, 2024