Carnegie Mellon University

From Students to Alumni 

Senior year is an exciting time in a student’s life. You’re ending one chapter and starting to write your next. As you move from CMU student to CMU alumnus(a), there are four ways to make your transition a smooth one.

1. Connect

Stay in touch with CMU and the worldwide network of Tartans no matter where life may take you! It’s easy to update your profile information on the Alumni Online Directory, which ensures that you receive the latest communications from CMU and the organizations here that matter to you. And don’t forget to follow the CMU Alumni Association on social media to keep up with all CMU news and happenings!

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2. Engage

You’ll have lots of opportunities to engage with CMU as an alumnus. You can continue to learn and grow through the CMUConnect and CMUThink programs. Sign up for your regional Alumni Network newsletter (based on the address in your online directory profile) to learn about and attend CMU events near you. And, of course, come back to campus for our signature campus events — Homecoming, Spring Carnival, Reunion Weekend and the Alumni Awards.

3. Give

As an alumnus, you have the chance to make a real impact on the lives of the students who are following in your footsteps by making an annual gift to the area of CMU that matters most to you! Your time is also invaluable to CMU, so share your experiences, skills and enthusiasm by volunteering. There are so many ways to give back: job shadowing, hosting events, becoming an Alumni Board member, admission interviews and much more. Contact us to explore what volunteer opportunities fit your needs and schedule!

4. Brag

There’s no better ambassador for CMU than alumni like you! It’s as easy as wearing your CMU gear and talking about your great experience. 

We can transition your student CMU email to an alumni CMU email address to show your CMU pride through your everyday communication. Learn more.