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Women’s HERstory Month

The CMU Alumni Association is committed to highlighting CMU’s exceptional alumnae, faculty, staff and students throughout the year. Each year, Women's History Month provides us with a special opportunity to bring all of our alumni together to recognize, acknowledge and elevate Tartan women and their professional and academic excellence across the various intersections.

Alumna Spotlight: RaShall Brackney, chief of police, Charlottesville, Virginia

rashall-brackney_400x400.jpg“There are so many ways in which I feel like I’m an 'other’ that there’s no way I would ever contribute to that feeling through the policing or the criminal legal system. We are not going to add to that pain and trauma, not if I can help it.”

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CMU Voices

bloomstein.jpgMargot Bloomstein, principal at Appropriate, Inc.

"My education in design taught me to engage the world with optimism, empathy, and a problem-solving mindset. It didn’t offer me the privilege of seeing a world without problems, but did arm me with the belief that by listening to the people most affected, I would be able to address their problems."

nicole-austin-hillery.jpgNicole Austin-HilleryU.S. program executive director for Human Rights Watch

"Human rights and civil rights are inextricably linked. In the United States, the human rights movement grew out of the civil rights movement, so they are partners. There is no light between the two. You cannot do work on immigration, water rights, women's rights and LGBTQ rights without understanding that those are human rights issues."