Carnegie Mellon University

Andrea Cinkovic, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Growing Assets

Andrea Cinkovic’s (TPR 2009) tenure at Goldman Sachs started as an intern in a summer analyst program.

Now after more than a decade at the company, she’s a managing director in the financial firm’s asset management group. She serves as a hands-on adviser and team leader for the mid-Atlantic region, covering institutional clients such as pensions, consultants, endowments, foundations and other not-for-profit organizations.

She uses her asset management expertise to further each investor’s unique goals, walking the tightrope of driving financial performance while managing risks for wherever the markets may go next.

“We leverage a consultative approach, centered around analytics and diagnostics to dig into a client's existing portfolio, understand priorities and provide insights from our vantage point,” Andrea says.

In finance, it’s rare to make a career entirely at one single firm, and it’s rarer to have worked across several different areas of a global investment leader’s business.

“I’ve worked here a long time, I know the product suite very well, and I have shown that I can contribute commercially,” Andrea says.

“What has defined my success at the firm has been staying focused on the needs of our clients, staying personally hungry and intellectually curious. When I’ve felt like I've plateaued, I reassess to understand what’s next.”

Story by Elizabeth Speed