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Programs & Ways to Get Involved

Mentoring Program

This program features a small group that meets on campus four times each year to run seminars and working panels that hear from students and share ideas for their growth and development. In turn, the mentoring group connects to students and builds bridges to specific alumni and mentoring resources that can further address the concerns and issues of each specific student. Please email Bill James if you are interested in the mentoring program.

Regional Clusters

Provide networking and relocation assistance. Clusters serve to build interest and camaraderie among alumni and provide support for relocating and new graduates when they begin working in new locations. Our clusters also provide strength in numbers to connect with regional programs sponsored by the general alumni groups. Please email Bill James if you are interested in regional clusters.

Student Engagement Team

In an effort to provide meaningful and optimal support to Carnegie Mellon with respect to underrepresented student populations, the CMBAA has made the commitment to develop ongoing strategies to engage the primary black student organizations on campus.

Robert Patterson (CIT 1989)
Michael Thomas (E 1975)
Robert Bowie (CIT 1989)
Ernest Bellamy (MUD/CFA 2018)