Carnegie Mellon University

Spring Carnival & Reunion Weekend 2019

Thank you to all the CMU community members who joined us on campus for Spring Carnival & Reunion Weekend 2019! A little rain on Friday didn't dampen the Spring Carnival spirit — soon sunshine, gorgeous sunsets and thousands of Tartans on campus made for another exciting, fun-filled weekend.

Spring Carnival Results

CMU students once again showed their engineering and artistic skills at Spring Carnival 2019 with some amazing Booth and Buggy entries. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Buggy finals

Check out the results from the 2019 competitions: 

2019 Sweepstakes

Spirit cheering at Buggy


1. SDC A
2. PiKA A
3. CIA A
4. SigEp A 
5. PiKA B
6. Spirit B

King of the Hill
Jacob Hoffman (CIA A)


1. SDC A
2. PiKA A
3. CIA A
4. Fringe A
5. SDC B
6. CIA B

Queen of the Hill
Mary Garrett (SDC A)

Design Competition

1. Blind Faith - Fringe
2. Blueshift - Fringe
3. Equinox - CIA 

People’s Choice: Blind Faith - Fringe
T-Shirt: Atlas

Chairman's Choice: Fringe
Spirit of Buggy: SigNu
Lifetime Spirit of Buggy: Tom Wood
Lifetime Chairman's Choice: Anne Witchner

2019 Booth

Carnival Build Out 2019

First place: Taiwanese Student Association (Animal Crossing)
Second place: Student Dormitory Council (Atmosphere) 
Third place: FRINGE (Lilo & Stitch)

First place: Kappa Alpha Theta (Madagascar)
Second place: Kappa Kappa Gamma (The Lion King)
Third place: Alpha Phi (Winnie the Pooh)

First place: Sigma Phi Epsilon (Coco)
Second place: Delta Tau Delta (Spirited Away)
Third place: Phi Delta Theta (Up!)

First Place: ASCE (Wall-E)
Second Place: Astronomy (Roswell, New Mexico)
Third Place: Kappa Sigma (Italy)

Chairman's Choice: Alpha Chi Omega (California Beach)
T-Shirt Award: Sigma Phi Epsilon (Coco)
People's Choice: FRINGE (Lilo & Stitch)
Environmental Award - Blitz: ASCE (Wall-E)
Environmental Award - Full Size: Kappa Alpha Theta (Madagascar)
Bob Anderegg Safety Award: FRINGE (Lilo & Stitch)