Carnegie Mellon University

Homecoming 2020 Highlights

In case you missed any events or would like to re-play them, you can continue to explore this interactive weekend of activities of contests, web events and activities.

Tartans around the world came together for critical conversations, tours, cooking demos and talent competitions. You can continue to explore this interactive weekend of activities.

Explore Activities

Homecoming Kickoff!
Scaife Hall: A Time of Transformation - Celebrating Our Past & Building for a Strong Future
Tour of Scaife Hall
Campus Lore Tour
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#BlackLivesMatter: A Moderated Discussion

Surviving the 1918 Pandemic: A Historical Perspective
Master Pumpkin Carver Demo & Tips
Chemistry in the Kitchen (recipe available here)
Can Data Create Equity? Using AI and Data to Make the World A Fairer Place
Everything I Know About Innovation and Being a Leader I Learned From Buggy
A Conversation with Eliza Bishop (DC 2004): The Permission to Rest
Across the Decades: Five Alumni Perspectives
Kiltie Band Fight Song
Understanding Consumer Behavior in a Pandemic
Headspace Fireside Chat: The Power of Rest
Scotch'n'Soda's sub troupes TisbertXNPP Presents: Jest in Peace
A Ca-munnity's Annual AcaPittsbugh Benefit Concert
(Support the First Nations Development Institute’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund)
Aurochs Brewery: Behind-the-Scenes Tour
Wigle Whiskey: Behind-the-Scenes Tour
The 19th Hole with Coach Rodgers, Coach Dunn, and Coach Erdelyi

Remember the Tartans

Watch Now Miller Institute for Contemporary Art Tour - Get Out the Vote: Empowering the Women's Vote
Watch Now 
College of Engineering Forum on Inclusive Excellence
Watch Now Victor M. Bearg Neuroscience Lecture: Evolution of Brain Pathways for Vocal Learning and Speech - A Personal Journey

Buggy All Stars is a virtual racing game that celebrates 100 years of Buggy History at Carnegie Mellon University.
In case you haven't heard, the BAA launched a new podcast! The idea was conceived by broadcaster (and BAA officer) Will Weiner (DC 2013), the host of the podcast. In each episode, Will sits down with members of the Buggy community.
Nuts, Bolts, & Wheels: 100 Years of Buggy is a celebration of those students—past, present, and future. Sweepstakes demonstrated—and continues to demonstrate—a profoundly unique aspect of CMU’s community.