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April 2021

Thanks to supporters like you, we are able to make so much possible at CMU, and we are deeply grateful for your continued and dedicated commitment to our entire community.

Modern Languages Legend

Professor Emerita Barbara Freed built CMU’s Modern Languages Department. Decades later, she’s still investing in the future of the department — and the Tartans community she loves — by including Carnegie Mellon in her charitable giving plans.

“Think about anything that meant something to you at Carnegie Mellon: a professor, a course, an opportunity you were given. Do as much as you can, as soon as you can.”

Professor Emerita Barbara Freed

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Maximize Your Giving with 4 Simple Strategies

You can make an impact at Carnegie Mellon University by utilizing a variety of customizable and creative gift opportunities.


Establish a gift that pays you income, some of which might be tax-free


Give a tax-smart gift of stock, real estate or other appreciated assets that may result in little impact to your current income


Review your employee retirement plan, IRA and 401(k) accounts to ensure your family, CMU and your other favorite organizations are appropriately noted as beneficiaries


Make a gift today with an eye to the future. If you are 70 1/2 or older, a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA may be the best way to support innovation and ingenuity at CMU while also reducing your tax obligation

Giving with Twice the Impact

Are you looking for a way to provide for your loved ones with income while also supporting organizations and causes you value with a charitable gift?

A Give it Twice strategy can spread out an inheritance to your family over their lifetimes — reducing estate and income taxes — while also creating a permanent fund to support scholarships, academic programs, research or another area of CMU that’s meaningful to you.

1-assets_2ximpact-tt_200x200_g-21-180.pngStep #1:

Evaluate your IRA accounts or other appropriate assets.

2-chartrust_2ximpact-tt_200x200_g-21-180.pngStep #2:

As part of your estate planning, establish a tax-advantaged charitable trust designed to provide for your family and a charitable gift to CMU.

3-lovedones_2ximpact-tt_200x200_g-21-180.pngStep #3:

In the future, your trust provides payments to your loved ones throughout their lifetimes.

4-gift_2ximpact-tt_200x200_g-21-180.pngStep #4:

At the conclusion of these income payments, the balance of the trust transfers to CMU where your support will make so much possible for generations of Tartans.

Interested in achieving your financial goals and supporting Carnegie Mellon University?

Contact the Office of Gift Planning to discuss your next steps.