Carnegie Mellon University

Industry Insights

  • Tap into the knowledge of your fellow Tartans working in your future field.
  • Gain insight about current trends in your chosen industry.
  • Ask questions to prepare for your next job.

With more than 130,000 alumni around the world, the CMU community is filled with diverse experiences and varied career paths. As CMU students like you contemplate which careers to pursue or simply want to ask a few questions to an experienced professional — our alumni are there to help.

This academic year, many alumni will host Zoom meetings with small groups of students to share real-life work experiences in their chosen industry. You can gain valuable insight and are encouraged to ask probing questions to better understand the industry.

Please note: These sessions are not opportunities to secure a job or an internship. They are informational and advisory events that share the alumni's perspectives.

Upcoming events are advertised to all students via email one week prior to each event.

Looking for an alum who isn’t part of Industry Insights?

All students have access to the Alumni Directory in the CMU Alumni Community where you can search for alumni by industry, location, college and more.