Carnegie Mellon University
April 07, 2022

How We Rolled

Buggy alumni look back on one of CMU’s longest held traditions

By Joyce DeFrancesco

Spring Carnival and Buggy are a highlight of many memories for Carnegie Mellon University alumni. During our recent alumni Oral History Project, alumni from across the generations shared some meaningful moments from those CMU traditions:


"The Buggy Races were a big deal — still are — and I pushed for Alpha Tau Omega all four years. We won each year with record-breaking times and, in my senior year, I broke the record time up the First Hill!"

M. “Del” Delma Ritchie (TPR 1957)

"The dorms were an outcast in the Buggy racing field, so we brought it up to become contenders, placing in the race and winning design trophies. For a couple of years, I was the Buggy manager, and I did a little driving."

Richard Line (ENG 1961)


Buggy photo from 1950s


Buggy photo from 1950s


Buggy photo from 1960s

"Buggy races and other Spring Carnival events and going out in the middle of the night to paint the Fence were unique to CMU. CMU was an amazing place, and I was very happy there."

Greta Ruth Aul (MM 1972)

"I started Spirit Buggy, and it went from scratch to ultimately winning and setting the record. It gave me optimism that I could perform in a highly intense competitive environment, create teams and compete as an engineer with some of the toughest students in the country."

Robert D. Bowie (ENG 1989)



Buggy photos from the 70s


Buggy photo from the 80s


Buggy photos from the 80s

"I enjoyed all the events around Spring Carnival. I was able to meet alumni at Carnival and homecoming events, which were some of the biggest highlights. It expanded business opportunities and my personal life. I made a lot of additional friends that way."

Michael Paul Warren (CFA 1993)


Buggy photo from 90s


Buggy photo from 1990s


Buggy photo from 2000s

"Buggy was such an important part of my life at CMU, and participating in it was an unforgettable experience. One of my fondest memories at CMU was winning the Chairman's Choice Award in 2007 for building Alpha Epsilon Pi's first-ever new buggy, Zephyrus. It took years of effort, but finally getting the buggy on the course was such an accomplishment and being recognized for that effort made the experience even more memorable."

Bryan Arsham (DC 2008)



Buggy photo from 2010s


Buggy from 2010s


Buggy photo from 2010s

"Everything came together in CMU events such as Spring Carnivals, which were amazing experiences every year."

Carl Joseph Spindler (DC 2010)

"One of the most memorable events for me at CMU was the Spring Carnival because it's a unique event. A lot of my friends took part in a bunch of activities, and I've hosted Carnival's biggest event, Holi."

Psankalp Sankalp Patro (DC 2020)