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Rémi Adam Van Compernolle

Rémi Adam Van Compernolle

Associate Professor of Second Language Acquisition and French and Francophone Studies

341 Posner Hall
Department of Modern Languages
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Education: Ph.D., Applied Linguistics, The Pennsylvania State University, MA French Studies, University of North Texas, BA French Studies, University of North Texas.


I joined the Department of Modern Languages at CMU as a faculty member in Second Language Acquisition and French and Francophone Studies in 2012 after completing my PhD in Applied Linguistics at the Pennsylvania State University.

My work focuses on the intersections between cognition, affect, and identity in second/foreign/additional language development. Drawing on Vygotskian cultural-historical psychology, my work examines how opportunities for development are co-constructed between people (e.g., teachers and students) and how cultural artifacts (e.g., linguistic forms, semantic and pragmatic concepts) are internalized and, in turn, mediate cognition, affect, and identity performance. Most of my work in carried out under formal educational conditions, including classroom discourse and interaction, concept-based instruction, and dynamic assessment.

I teach and advise graduate students in second language acquisition theory, qualitative research methods, interaction analysis, and Vygotskian theory. I also teach undergraduate French courses (all levels) as well as courses for our Applied Multilingual Studies program (e.g., 82-283 Language Diversity and Cultural Identity).

  • Second language development
  • Cultural-historical psychology
  • Language and cognition
  • Pragmatics
  • Discourse and interaction
  • Second language acquisition: Theories and research
  • Qualitative research methods in second language research
  • Interaction and L2 development
  • Francophone Sociolinguistics
  • Language diversity and cultural identity
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Department Member Since 2012