Carnegie Mellon University

Bonnie Youngs

Bonnie L. Youngs

Teaching Professor, French & Francophone Studies
Director, Advisor, and Faculty, M.A. In Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition

341 Posner Hall
Department of Modern Languages
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Education: Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

I am a teaching professor of French and Francophone Studies, focusing on teaching, course development and revision through research in applied linguistics and teaching with technology. I work closely with faculty in Modern Languages to help provide the best environment possible for teaching and learning, and the best experience for students. Currently, my work focuses on the adaptation of coursework, assessment, and in-class activities to exploit AI tools, but I acknowledge that many issues come with the use, or not, of AI for the teaching and learning of second, third... languages.

Over the years, I have helped shape the undergraduate curriculum in the Department of Modern Languages. I have held a variety of administrative positions including Director of Undergraduate Studies and group coordinator for the French and Francophone Studies program for more than ten years, and I am currently the advisor for the Applied Multilingual Studies major and minor.

I have represented Modern Languages widely on campus, most recently on the University Education Council, the Dietrich College Council, the Dietrich College committee for the new General Education curriculum, and the Dietrich College AI support committee. Currently, in addition to my other duties, I am director and advisor for the Master’s program in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition, and I teach in the program as well.

  • Teaching language and culture
  • Culture/Intercultural competence
  • Teacher development
  • Improving learning outcomes with technology
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Elementary French, all courses
  • Intermediate French, all courses
  • Advanced French, courses at the third and fourth levels
  • 82-793 Teaching Methodologies for the Foreign Language Classroom
  • 66-139 Reducing Conflict Around Identity and Positionality
  • Barbara Lazarus Mentoring Award, 2019
  • Dietrich College Elliot Dunlap Smith Award for Distinguished Teaching and Educational Service, 2012
  • Generative AI Liaison representing Modern Languages
  • General Education Steering Committee
  • Representative for Modern Languages, University Education Council
  • Member, Committee for Barbara Lazarus Mentoring Award
  • Member, Graduate Teaching Award Committee

Department Member Since 1993