Carnegie Mellon University
February 02, 2015

A Panel on Music and Politics

A Panel on Music and Politics

Music and PoliticsHistorically, most people probably regarded music as having little to do with politics, since music is not representational. Yet there have long been connections drawn between the two, and, more recently, popular music and musicians have been understood as making significant contributions on controversial issues. This panel will examine connections between music and politics at different times and in different places. Panelists will offer brief opening statements, to be followed by discussion, including the audience.

Panelists will include:

  • Leonard Cassuto, Professor of English, Fordham University
  • David Shumway, Professor of English and Literary and Cultural Studies, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Charles Lwanga, Ugandan ethnomusicologist, music composer/theorist and a specialist in African music and dance
  • Adriana Helbig, Associate Professor of Music, University of Pittsburgh

February, 2, 2015
4:30-6:00 p.m.
Giant Eagle Auditorium (Baker Hall A51)