Carnegie Mellon University

Students considering the possibility of transferring to another college at CMU or to a completely different institution are encouraged to talk to their academic advisor to discuss this option. Students' advisors can help determine if transferring to another college or institution makes the most sense. Advisors can also help explain the internal transfer process and in rare cases help with the transition out of CMU.

Each college at Carnegie Mellon has its own internal transfer process:

Students may also choose to consider the BXA Intercollege Degree Programs.

Students transferring to another institution outside of Carnegie Mellon are encouraged to work with an Admissions Counselor at the institution under consideration to gather information on the transfer application process. Students who need the Common Application's Transfer Registrar report should contact the HUB with their request by emailing

Should a student be accepted and decide to transfer to another institution to complete their bachelor's degree, the withdrawal form must be completed and submitted to the student's primary advisor. Submitting this form confirms that the request to be permanently removed as a degree-seeking undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon University.