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Please note that Carnegie Mellon plans a return to an educational experience that is close to our normal fall semester approach. Therefore, the majority of our fall courses will require in-person attendance, as designated by their course delivery modes in SIO. Vaccine expectations for Visiting/Non-Degree students will be communicated once they have been determined.

Visiting & Non-Degree Process

A visiting/non-degree (VND) student attends classes at Carnegie Mellon University, but has not been admitted into a specific degree program. 

VND students may take courses for up to three total semesters in the fall or spring. There is no limit on the number of summer sessions in which a VND student might take coursework. After three fall or spring semesters, VND students must be admitted into a degree program in order to continue taking courses. The following are exempt from this limitation: high school students and Carnegie Mellon faculty, staff, and retirees. 

If you belong to any of the categories listed below, you are eligible to petition to become a visiting/non-degree student: 

  • Current faculty or staff members
  • Current high school students
  • High school graduates who have earned a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Current undergraduates at a college or university who would like to take courses for transfer credit
  • Post-graduate students with a Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university who wish to take undergraduate courses
  • Returning visiting/non-degree students who wish to take courses for up to three total semesters in the fall or spring, or for an unlimited number of summer sessions (high school students and Carnegie Mellon faculty, staff, and retirees are exempt from the three-semester fall/spring limitation)

The following groups should not petition to become visiting/non-degree students:

  • Degree-seeking students at Carnegie Mellon
  • Students on or facing academic or disciplinary action
  • CMU undergraduate applicants for the current or upcoming academic year
  • International students who do not already have a valid visa to study in the United States (Carnegie Mellon unfortunately is not able to issue student immigration documents to visiting students)
  • Prospective graduate applicants for the current or upcoming academic year should consult with their intended graduate program before petitioning to become VND students

Those interested in becoming Visiting/Non-Degree students must submit a new petition for each semester they wish to attend classes.

There are three main categories of Visiting/Non-Degree Student: Non-Degree Faculty/Staff, Visiting Guest Students, and Visiting High School/Minor Students. Each undergoes a slightly different petition process. 

  • Current CMU faculty and staff can find instructions on the Non-Degree Faculty/Staff webpage
  • Those who are not affiliated with CMU, are not enrolled in high school, and will be over the age of 18 as of the first day of classes can find instructions on the Visiting Guest Student webpage
  • Current high school students and minors (those who will be under the age of 18 as of the first day of classes) can find instructions on the Visting High School/Minor Student webpage

Those interested in the Visiting/Non-Degree Student program may submit petitions during the following periods: 

Category Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer All/One Summer Two
Non-Degree Faculty/Staff June 7 - First Day of Classes Nov. 15 - First Day of Classes March 15 - First Day of Summer All/One Classes March 15 - First Day of Summer Two Classes
Visiting Guest Students June 7 - Aug. 15 Nov. 15 - Dec. 15 March 15 - April 30 March 15 - June 15
Visiting High School/Minor Students June 7 - Aug. 1 Nov. 15 - Dec. 1 March 15 - April 1 March 15 - June 1

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