Carnegie Mellon University

Danforth Lounge

The Danforth Lounge is a large reception space located on the second floor of the Cohon Center overlooking Gesling Stadium. It features eight round tables with four chairs each and eight plush lounge chairs.

Please note that there is an additional fee if the room set up is changed.

Photo of the Danforth Lounge from the entrance doors

Danforth Lounge - view toward rotunda that overlooks Geisling Stadium

ROOM SIZE: 34' (diameter)

Seats up to 40 people

Photo of the Danforth Lounge featuring tables, seating, and the central skylight

Danforth Lounge - view from rotunda toward lounge chairs

ROOM SIZE: 34' (diameter)

Seats up to 40 people


  • Existing seating
  • Two side tables that can be used for meeting materials or catering

Audio-visual Full-Service support is available. Visit Media Services for more information

Lounge Diagram


Lounge Specs

ROOM SIZE: 34' (diameter)

Round tables: 42" (diameter)
Rectangular tables: 54" x 30"

Seats up to 40 people