Carnegie Mellon University
December 07, 2017

CMU Receives $7.5M in Federal BRAIN Initiative Funding

Grants support creation of new technologies for understanding the brain.

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University’s Departments of Biological Sciences and Chemistry, Molecular Biosensor and Imaging Center (MBIC) and Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) have received close to $7.5 million in new funding from the National Institutes of Health through the federal BRAIN Initiative to support innovative research and develop tools that will rapidly advance brain research.

High Throughput Approaches for Cell-Specific Synapse Characterization
Marcel Bruchez, director of MBIC and professor of biological sciences and chemistry, and Barth were awarded more than $2 million to develop new tools and methods for high-throughput fluorescence synapse quantitation. They will work with the University of Pittsburgh’s Simon Watkins, director of the Center for Biologic Imaging (CBI).

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