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CFA Recognizes April's Notable Activities

Pam Wigley

April brings with it more than showers and daffodils. In fact, there’s a lot to celebrate and recognize as spring emerges. The College of Fine Arts (CFA) will help to raise awareness of several highlights.

April is a time to celebrate World Autism Day (April 2), Ramadan (April 12), Earth Day (April 22) and Denim Day (April 28). The entire month has been designated as also Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). And, finally, April is “Celebrate Diversity Month.” Since 2004, this month has been designated as a time to help people gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of one another.

“The intention is to honor the beauty of diversity that surrounds you by taking time to recognize the diversity in your workplace, school, neighborhood and home,” said CFA Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Valeria Martinez. “One of my favorite ways to honor diversity is to support minority-owned businesses and add a new text to my pleasure reading list. This month, I will be reading, “The Making of Asian America: A History”, by Erika Lee, purchased from The Lit Bar, an Afro-Latina owned bookshop.”

Martinez, who organizes CFA recognition activities, also pointed out other ways to appreciate each other’s differences. She recommends trying new recipes, exploring different neighborhoods and finding ways to boost inclusion within your respective communities. One way CFA will celebrate diversity this month is by kicking off the first in a series of professional development opportunities throughout the year titled “Diversity in the Workplace.” Scheduled for 1 p.m. Wednesday, April 28, the workshop focuses on misgendering and misogyny in the workplace. It is open to all via Zoom.

The 28th also is Denim Day. Martinez hopes interested people will wear any sort of denim, from jacket to jeans, with the purpose of supporting survivors and educating themselves about sexual assault.

Rounding out the month, Martinez will host the second CFA Women’s Affinity Group meeting that day. The group is a community of scholars and practitioners who want to enhance their knowledge, expertise, research and relational leadership to advance women's leadership throughout the college.

“Given recent events nationally and globally, there seems like no better time to center our voices and needs than now,” Martinez said. “Join us, and let's empower one another.”

Register at CFA Women's Affinity Group and you will then receive a Zoom calendar invitation.