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Data Dump exhibition in STUDIO

From e-Waste to Exhibition

"Data Dump" Exhibition in the STUDIO

written by
Harrison Apple

On Dec. 12, the STUDIO celebrated the end of the third original course taught in its flexible laboratory since the open application process began in 2022. Daragh Byrne, associate professor in the School of Architecture, taught “Data Dump” — his advanced course focused on the flow and recapture of e-waste as part of a creative practice. Over the semester, the STUDIO hosted guest lectures, e-waste recapturing and creative reconstruction to showcase the creation of projects ranging from shredders turning into mycelium-based plastic decomposers to philosophical game design on the limits of agency in environmental activism and conspicuous consumption. Daragh’s students exhibited their work in the STUDIO and CFA’s Great Hall, drawing a large crowd of spectators and guest reviewers. They also brought unique and challenging inquiry to the STUDIO, supporting a teaching program that gives a vital budget and direct equipment access to faculty who wish to use it as their classroom. The STUDIO looks forward to hosting Olivia Robinson and Melisa Orta Martinez in the new year for “16224 IDeATe: Re-Crafting Computational Thinking with Soft Technologies” in which students will work across robotics and textile design to connect computer programming and matrix mathematics to tactile material.