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Affecting Change & Advancing the Future

A hallmark of Carnegie Mellon’s College of Fine Arts throughout its rich history has been the evolution and tutelage of today’s creators, advanced thinkers and future leaders in their areas of expertise. These are the people who will innovate, devise new methods of design, architecture and the creative arts, and urge us all forward to meet new challenges to improve our world. In this issue, we look at the areas and people within CFA who are making our society better through advanced thinking, risk-taking and genuinely caring about our communities — be that local, regional, national or international. They are researchers, next-level thinkers, advanced makers and true creative geniuses who are dedicated to affecting change and advancing the future through their work.

Discover How CFA is Affecting Change & Advancing the Future

Dean Mary Ellen Poole

Letter from Dean Mary Ellen Poole

"Artists express the conscience of society and call us to action."


Pearlstein sitting on the CFA lawn with Warhol and Cantor.

Carnegie Mellon University Mourns the Passing of Alumnus Philip Pearlstein, a Titan of Contemporary Art

Pearlstein’s exacting depictions of the naked body — splayed out naturally in his studio with fatigued expressions, slouched postures, harsh lighting and odd cropping along the edges of the canvas — ushered in new possibilities for depicting the human form and influenced generations of future artists. Philip Pearlstein died on December 17 in New York City at the age of 98.

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Architecture students working.

[ Architecture Event ]

Spring 2023 Public Programs: Extractivism

January 23 – April 3

The politics and geographies of the materials architects use. Where do they come from and how are they extracted? How do we negotiate the human and energy cost of their production? What roles might architecture play in reshaping material economies?

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LaToya Ruby Frazier

[ Art Event ]

Lecture: LaToya Ruby Frazier

March 27

One of the nation’s most acclaimed photographers. LaToya Ruby Frazier’s work depicts the stark reality of today’s America: post-industrial cities riven by poverty, racism, healthcare inequality and environmental toxicity. By featuring voices and perspectives traditionally erased from the American narrative, MacArthur “Genius” Frazier not only captures our cultural blind spots — she teaches us how art is a powerful tool for social transformation.

Design Lecture Series, Spring 2023

[ Design Event ]

Design Lecture Series

February 13 – April 3

Transdisciplinary thinkers and practitioners from around the world. The power of design addresses some of today's most pressing challenges. Speakers come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines including design, business, the nonprofit sector, education, science and more.

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Drama production promotional image

[ Drama Event ]

2022–2023 Drama Season

A reimagined classic, multiversal opportunities, setting conventionalism ablaze. A new take on a classic musical with CMU ties, literary heroines reimagined, and more on stage this spring at the School of Drama!

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Student playing music

[ Music Event ]

Concerts and Events

Explore and expand your musical palette. With over 100 performances an academic year, you can experience your old favorites — or find new genres to love.

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Two BXA students surrounded by an immersive Kaleidoscope exhibit.

[ BXA Event ]

Kaleidoscope Student & Alumni Showcase

April 26 – 30
Hall of the Arts, Second Floor

A kaleidoscope of disciplines and works. BXA students and alumni perform and exhibit their creative work at the annual showcase and reception.

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Student work from School of Art MFA student Caroline Yoo.

[ Miller ICA Event ]

Student Exhibitions

February 4 – May 13

Fresh ideas and emerging contemporary artists and designers. This Spring 2023, Miller ICA features a lineup of final works exhibited by the Design Seniors from the CMU School of Design, the MFA program and the Senior Artists from the CMU School of Art.

More information for the Student Exhibitions

Dimitris Papaioannou.

[ STUDIO Event ]

Contemporary Performances Practices

February 3

Screening, followed by a Q&A. Contemporary Performances Practices presents Dimitris Papaioannou’s “The Great Tamer.”

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Group of women playing music, as community members gather and listen.

[Diversity, Equity and Inclusion + School of Music]

"Lullaby Project" Bonds Parents and Babies through Music

Crooning lullabies to babies has been part of the child-rearing process almost since time began. When parents create a personal tribute to their newborns, especially amid difficult birthing circumstances, the results are a magical part of their child’s life journey.

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