Carnegie Mellon University

Entry Points

Miller ICA's new Podcast on Art and Ideas

by Elizabeth Chodos

This past year the Miller ICA launched Entry Points, a new podcast series about art and ideas. The goal of the podcast is to connect the broader public with contemporary artists and thinkers who are exploring new territories, generating new knowledge and contributing to society by advancing culture. These 20-30 minute episodes focuses in on a topic that is connected to contemporary arts and is relevant to broader public interests. For example, one of the episodes is with artists Alisha Wormsley and Jon Rubin who found themselves embroiled in a scandal connected to The Last Billboard project. By drawing out the larger societal implications of the contemporary arts this podcast series demonstrates that contemporary art is about the most pressing issues of our time and should be accessible to everyone. These conversations help the Miller ICA fulfill its goal of animating a collective citizenship through encounters with the most urgent issues of our time.

Listen to the First Entry Points Podcast