Carnegie Mellon University

CEE Student Dissertation Submission Process 

Follow these instructions prior to posted deadline

Prior to and During the Exam

Schedule the date of the defense with your committee.

Reserve the room with Heather Cain.

Submit completed PhD Defense Announcement form to David Vey a minimum of two weeks prior to your defense.

Prepare the Committee Sheet, which you will print and present this page to your committee chair at your defense. This form will be signed by each committee member at the end of the defense for submission to David Vey. Committee members attending remotely will be asked to send an email confirming their agreement with the exam outcome to David Vey, which will be printed and attached to the committee page.

After the Exam

Submit the completed and signed Committee Sheet to David Vey.

Refer to the CIT Dissertation Standards, Instructions, Templates and Policies link on the PhD Program Requirements webpage.

Ready for Submission

Email your dissertation in pdf format to David Vey, who will create the Dissertation Signature page and gather advisor signature. Larger files may be submitted via Box or on USB.

Email the Thesis Submission Checklist to David Vey.

Submit your dissertation online

Common questions when submitting your dissertation:

  • Traditional publishing: no charge
  • ProQuest and Research Showcase are both required.
  • Copyright – When in doubt, ask your Advisor if they suggest that you apply for copyright. If you choose to copyright, note there is a fee to have ProQuest do it for you. Alternately, you can apply for copyright free of charge through the US Copyright Office website at any time.
  • Ignore the legal statement about previously published papers.

Order a bound copy for your advisor(s) directly from the ProQuest through the dissertation submission online site.

Complete and submit the Survey of Earned Doctorates online