Carnegie Mellon University

Neno Duplan

April 09, 2019

Duplan Named CEE’s 2019 Distinguished Alumni

Neno Duplan (’84) has earned many awards during his career, but few have had the personal impact of being chosen CEE’s 2019 Distinguished Alumni. Duplan says that when he learned of the commendation, he immediately felt honored. “I know how many great CMU alumni are out there, especially here in Silicon Valley.”

He attributes his success to a well-rounded education—one that actually led him away from civil engineering and into computer science. As a student, Duplan’s passion for environmental stewardship evolved into a graduate thesis and finally into the business plan for Locus Technologies. The company, founded in 1997, empowers organizations to track and mitigate the environmental impact of their activities and manage EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) compliance. Duplan serves as founder and CEO.

Today, Locus Technologies creates cloud software that monitors, collects, and organizes data on energy and water use, GHG (Greenhouse gas) emissions, waste, and other activities. It helps companies to improve their environmental footprints and better understand environmental risk management.

Duplan fondly recalls his time working with CEE’s professor Paul Chrisitiano—a mentor who became a valued colleague and friend. “We met in Italy where I was an entry-level engineer, working on a nuclear power plant project for Westinghouse. At a dinner one evening, he asked me if I’d like to come to graduate school to the United States. The following year I was at CMU.”

He took courses in different areas of the university and built experience in areas that, at the time, were not the buzzwords they are today. “Professor Daniel Rehak implanted ideas about expert systems and artificial intelligence—the school broadened my horizons and put my career on the right path.”

Coming full circle, Duplan has now stepped into the role of mentor by providing leadership and advice to employees at Locus Technologies. He says it’s one of the best parts of his job. “I believe it is very important to have mentors for young engineers.” Duplan also remains actively involved in the Carnegie Mellon alumni community, many of whom he met while working in Pittsburgh; Genoa, Italy; and Brussels, Belgium.

In addition to his degree from CEE, Duplan holds a bachelor’s degree and PhD in civil engineering from the University of Zagreb, Croatia.

When he’s not working, Duplan is focused on fitness. He’s completed the Alcatraz to San Francisco swim marathon 15 times. He’s also a proud parent of a CMU graduate. His daughter, Siena, earned a master’s degree in business intelligence and data analytics in 2018.

He’ll receive the Distinguished Alumni award at the CEE annual awards ceremony, April 12 from 5-8 pm in Roberts Hall.