Carnegie Mellon University

III. Prohibited Conduct

Prohibited Conduct under this Policy includes the following specifically defined forms of behavior: Sexual Assault, Sexual Exploitation, Sexual Harassment, Stalking, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Retaliation, and Violation of Protective Measures. Whether someone has engaged in Prohibited Conduct under this Policy will be assessed under a Reasonable Person standard.

Some Prohibited Conduct, like certain sex based crimes, unwelcome conduct that is sufficiently severe and pervasive, and conduct that conditions an aid or benefit on unwelcome sexual activity, may also constitute Federal Rule Sexual Misconduct.

Some forms of conduct which may be considered inappropriate or unacceptable within the Carnegie Mellon community, such as incivility or bullying, may not meet the definition of Prohibited Conduct under this Policy. However, the university retains discretion to report the conduct to an internal university department or authority such as Human Resources, Office of Community Standards and Integrity, or relevant academic department or dean to determine and implement appropriate responsive action, including review for possible misconduct under other university policies.