Carnegie Mellon University

Disorderly Conduct

POLICY TITLE: Carnegie Mellon University Policy on Disorderly Conduct
DATE OF ISSUANCE: The most recently revised version of this Policy was approved by the President's Council on May 3, 1999. This Policy appears in the Student Handbook.


Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. Questions on Policy content should be directed to the vice president and dean, Office of Student Affairs, 412-268-2075.


Disorderly conduct constitutes a basis for university disciplinary action.

Policy Statement

Disorderly conduct is ordinarily defined as the use of abusive or obscene language or gestures to/by a member of the campus community, publicly intoxicated behavior or persistence, after a request to desist, in behavior which inconveniences or impedes other members of the campus community in their proper use of or passage through the campus area. It constitutes a basis for university disciplinary action and may result in the issuance of commonwealth citations or criminal action.