Carnegie Mellon University

Summer Salary 

POLICY TITLE: Carnegie Mellon University Summer Salary Policy
DATE OF ISSUANCE: This policy was originally issued on May 28, 1982 as Organization Announcement #301, Summer Salary Policy.
ACCOUNTABLE DEPARTMENT/UNIT: Office of the Provost. Questions regarding this policy or its intent should be directed to the Office of Sponsored Research.
ABSTRACT: Faculty members on an academic contract who have summer research support may request a third one-ninth salary payment for June, subject to their college's guidelines.

Policy Statement

This announcement is a university policy statement to establish the option for faculty members to earn 1/9 of their academic salary during the month of June from work on sponsored research contracts or grants.

Faculty members on an academic contract who have summer research support may request a third one-ninth salary payment for June. Each college will establish a set of guidelines that define eligibility. Requests will be reviewed by the department head and dean. They will be approved subject to the college guidelines on summer research support and university policy. Under no circumstances, however, will college E & GO allocations be increased to allow faculty to reduce academic salary support in favor of additional summer salary.

For an individual to be charged to a research account, that person must be working on the contract to which the salary will be charged during the month in which the salary will be charged. Individuals may not transfer effort from one month to another. Faculty who work full time during the entire summer will earn a total of one week of vacation time for the three months of effort. This week of paid vacation time may be taken during the summer months — June, July, or August — and charged to a sponsored research contract. Faculty who wish to take a summer vacation in excess of the normal one week accrual should not charge the additional vacation time to a sponsored research grant.

In addition to approval of the department head and dean, a faculty member must have the approval of the sponsoring agency before he or she may receive a third one-ninth payment. Some sponsoring agencies will not allow charges for a third one-ninth to their contracts. Other agencies limit increases in salary charges over the approved budget and require specific authorization. The Office of Sponsored Research can assist in clarifying whether or not a third one-ninth can be charged to a contract.