Carnegie Mellon University

II. Jurisdiction

This Policy applies to Faculty, Staff, Students, and third parties. This Policy covers acts of Prohibited Conduct committed by or against StudentsFacultyStaff, and third parties when the Prohibited Conduct occurs:

  • In a University Program or Activity, including, but not limited to,
    • conduct that occurs on a university campus or other property owned or controlled by the university;
    • in the context of university employment; or
    • in the context of university-sponsored study abroad, research, field work, practica, or internship programs; or
  • Outside of a University Program or Activity,
    • but poses a serious threat of harm,
    • has a continuing adverse effect on, or impedes equal access to educational programs or activities, or
    • creates a hostile environment for StudentsFacultyStaff, or third parties.

The university retains discretion to determine whether out-of-program conduct is within its jurisdiction. In making this determination, including off-campus or online conduct that is not part of a University Program or Activity, the university will consider the severity of the alleged conduct, the risk of ongoing harm, whether both parties are members of the University Community, impact on University Programs or Activities, and whether off-campus conduct is part of a series of actions that occurred both on and off campus.

This Policy supersedes any conflicting information in any other university policies with respect to the definitions or procedures relating to Prohibited Conduct.