Carnegie Mellon University

Committee on University Policy Development

The Committee on University Policy Development (CUPD) is created by and advisory to the president. One of the principal goals of the university’s new Policy development process is to reduce the time spent by faculty, staff and students on Policy compliance activities, while maintaining or increasing (where necessary) actual compliance, by making university Policies more clear, concise, accessible and easier to follow. CUPD’s work will support achievement of this goal.


The committee is charged by the president to:

  1. Facilitate, with Policy owners, a review of all university Policies to determine whether (a) each is still needed; (b) updates or other changes to a Policy are needed; and (c) there are gaps indicating where new Policies should be developed. CUPD shall develop and publish on the Policy website, at the beginning of each academic year, a list of Policies to be reviewed or developed that year. The committee will consult with the university community, including subject matter experts in individual Policy areas, in facilitating this review. CUPD will consider specifically ways to reduce the compliance burden on faculty, staff and students while maintaining or increasing compliance. The results of the ongoing review will be communicated by the committee to the University Leadership Council (ULC) on a quarterly basis.
  2. Respond to questions from the university community on the interpretation and application of individual university Policies, and provide advice on a timely basis to the community and the president regarding same, after discussing with subject matter experts in the individual Policy areas.
  3. Review, one year after implementation or amendment, the operation of a new or amended Policy and advise the ULC and the president of any concerns.


  • Philip Bottonari, Senior Director of Development Analytics
  • Becky Culyba, Vice Provost for Operations and Strategic Initiatives
  • Mary Jo Dively, Vice President and General Counsel
  • Holly Hippensteel, Associate Vice President for Community Standards and Diversity Initiatives
  • Carrie Nelson, Associate Vice President for Finance and Controller
  • Michelle Piekutowski, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • William Scherlis, Professor, Institute for Software Research

Members of CUPD serve at the pleasure of the president.