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Bylaws of the University

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A corporation’s Bylaws supplements its Articles of Incorporation by spelling out the details of corporate operation and governance. Carnegie Mellon University’s Bylaws cover such topics as the election and powers of trustees, the conduct of board and committee meetings, and the designation and powers of corporate officers, among others. Any changes or additions to the Bylaws must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

The Bylaws and the Articles of Incorporation, are the two primary official documents for the university.

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Article I: Name and Purpose

Article II: Board of Trustees

Article III: Officers and Employees

Article IV: Committees

Article V: Election of Trustees and Officers

Article VI: Degrees in Course

Article VII: Honorary Degrees

Article VIII: Statement of Policy on Professional Protection Regarding Faculty Members

Article IX: Liability and Indemnification of Trustees and Officers

Article X: General Provisions

Article XI: Amendments