Carnegie Mellon University

Policies Currently Under Review or Development

The following Policies are under review or development. While the formal Policy approval process will seek broad input from the campus community, to be sure it is fully inclusive and transparent, each Policy under review will include a 30-day Comment Period, initiated when the first draft of each Policy becomes available. During this time the CMU community is invited to ask questions, or provide comments or suggestions for these Policies.

Access to the Comment Form is limited to the CMU community; login is required.

  • A new Travel Registry Policy is under development regarding the registration of CMU travel with the university’s travel services agency, Corporate Travel Planners. The purpose of registering travel is to alert the university and the traveler in the event of any emergency situation in which the traveler may require support or assistance. The Policy is also intended to assist the traveler in making risk-informed decisions pertaining to one’s travel destination. 
  • A “Policy to Provide Phased Retirement Option for Teaching Track Faculty” is under development in the Provost’s Office.