Carnegie Mellon University

Appendix A: Possible Sanctions and Remedies

Possible outcomes from a violation of this Policy may include non-punitive remedies and punitive sanctions. Such remedies and sanctions may include the following:

Possible Remedies

  • A no contact order;
  • Academic adjustments or accommodations; and
  • Workplace adjustments or accommodations.

Possible Sanctions

  • Educational outcomes including conversation with staff and/or reflective paper or project;
  • Mandatory training;
  • Written apology;
  • Written or verbal warning;
  • Mental health and/or substance use assessment and recommended follow up;
  • Community service;
  • Restrictions/limitations on access to campus programs or activities;
  • Restrictions/limitations on access to campus property;
  • Removal/ban from university housing;
  • Mandated removal from class or change to academic schedule;
  • Relocation of office;
  • Restriction or ban on attending Carnegie Mellon programs and events;
  • Removal/ban from campus;
  • Disciplinary Probation;
  • Disciplinary Suspension;
  • Expulsion;
  • Suspension from employment;
  • Termination of employment;
  • Suspension of a conferred degree;
  • Revocation of a degree; and
  • Referral for action under other policies.