Carnegie Mellon University

George Klein

Emeritus Teaching Professor

Wean Hall 7311


Prof. George Klein

Education & Professional Experience

Ph.D.: New York University (1980)
M.S.: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1975)

Associate Teaching Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, 2009–
Lecturer in Physics, Carnegie Mellon University, 1993–2009
Instructor in Physics, Mt. San Antonio College, 1991–92
Assistant Professor, City University of New York, 1980–91

Professional Profile

Professor Klein's Ph.D. at New York University was in the area of General Relativity. In addition to his appointment as a faculty member in the Physics Department, he is also a staff member of Academic Development.

Prof. Klein focuses on initiatives, both university-wide and within the Physics Department, to improve teaching, performance, academic assistance, and retention of students in the introductory physics courses. He teaches and advises students mainly in the engineering and science introductory physics courses and also participates in the organization, training, and advising of graduate teaching assistants. In addition, Klein teaches the MCS Core interdisciplinary freshman seminar EUREKA! Discovery and its Impact to prepare students for their development in the sciences.

ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT assists students who encounter difficulties and/or seek to improve their academic performance, offering programs in academic counseling and study skills, peer tutoring, and supplemental instruction. As a peer tutor supervisor, Prof. Klein participates in the training of tutors and the monitoring of their performance. In this capacity, he also acts as a liaison with the Physics Department and participates in the hiring, training, and supervising of the physics tutors.

He also supports programming at the Carnegie Mellon Advising Resource Center (CMARC), which supports minority students, helps attract and enroll a diverse student population at Carnegie Mellon, and assists students in their social and academic development from their freshman year trough graduation. Within CMARC, SAMS is a pre-college program for junior and senior high schoolers, aimed at helping good students achieve excellence. Participants take college courses in a six-week residential summer experience that entails rigorous science projects. The program is designed to create interest and build competence in the scientific and technical disciplines to achieve admission to competitive colleges and universities. As a consultant and lecturer, Prof. Klein is in charge of the physics component of SAMS. He designed, teaches and supervises the introductory physics course and coordinates the hiring of faculty for physics projects.