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MIIPS Curriculum

Explore course descriptions and program design possibilities to help you decide if the Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services program is right for you.


The majority of the coursework is designed specifically for the MIIPS program. Most courses are taught from the Pittsburgh campus, with a few courses streamed to our Pittsburgh campus via video-conferencing from our Silicon Valley campus. Students can take pre-approved electives in select departments on campus to complete their degrees. 

Full Course Descriptions

Detailed descriptions and information on the program structure are available in our PDFs for MIIPS and MIIPS Advanced Study.

Please note: the following courses are required unless otherwise noted.

  • 49-702 Business Fundamentals*
  • 49-720 Product & Brand Management
  • 49-800 Commercializing IP
  • 49-804 The Leadership Challenge
  • 49-854 Business Models and Strategy

*Required unless your background is in business.

  • 49-701 Industrial Design Fundamentals*
  • 49-710 Visual Processes
  • 49-712 User Research Methods

*Required unless your background is in design.


  • 49-716 Special Topics: Experience Innovation
  • 49-700 Engineering Design Fundamentals*
  • 49-730 Design For Manufacture
  • 49-731 Design for the Environment
  • 49-713 Designing for the Internet of Things

*Required unless your background is in engineering.


  • 49-715 Special Topics: IoT Ecosystems: Designing Intelligent, Interactive, Internet-ena
  • 49-714 Programming for Online Prototypes
  • 49-719 Internet of Things - In Depth
  • 49-740 IPD Methods
  • 49-741 Integrated Product Development
  • 49-746 Integrated Innovation Institute Internship
  • 49-747 Integrated Innovation Institute Masters Essay
  • 49-802 Innovation & Entrepreneurship I
  • 49-803 Innovation & Entrepreneurship II


  • 49-801 Enterprise Innovation
  • 49-808 Special Topics: Integrated Innovation for Large Scale Problems

In the MIIPS program, you will have the opportunity to take courses offered by other departments at Carnegie Mellon. To help plan your program, you'll receive a complete list of pre-approved electives prior to academic advising appointments each semester.

Please note that to enroll in an elective course, you must receive approval by your advisor and demonstrate that the coursework is relevant to the product development process.