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Explore course descriptions and program design possibilities to help you decide if the Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services program is right for you.

Featured Courses

Weatherbox Lights

Prototyping for the Internet of Things (49-713)

Explore the possibilities for future products and spaces to meet the rising demand of an increasingly connected world.

Team Night Owl

User Research: Theory, Methods, Practice (49-712)

Learn the basic methods of user research, including one-on-one interviewing and ethnographic techniques. Build skills in research planning, field research, and the analysis of research findings. 

Team Soar

Managing Products and Brands (49-720)

Learn how to think like a product manager, making strategic and tactical decisions while juggling with market and internal situations. Explore related roles, from product assistant to group product manager/marketing VP.


The majority of the coursework is designed specifically for the MIIPS program. Most courses are taught from the Pittsburgh campus, with a few courses streamed to our Pittsburgh campus via video-conferencing from our Silicon Valley campus. Students can take pre-approved electives in select departments on campus to complete their degrees. 

The following courses are required unless otherwise noted. 

  • 49-702 Business Management Thinking and Practice*
  • 49-720 Managing Products and Brands
  • 49-726 Essential Skills for Leaders
  • 49-725 Business Models and Strategy

*Required unless your background is in business.


  • 49-723 Special Topics: The Pricing of Products & Services
  • 49-724 Special Topics: The Elements of Professional Practice
  • 49-701 Visual Communication for Innovators
  • 49-710 Product Design Thinking and Practice*
  • 49-712 User Research: Theory, Methods, Practice

*Required unless your background is in design.


  • 49-716 Experience Innovation
  • 49-717 Digital Ethnography
  • 49-700 Engineering Design Thinking and Practice*
  • 49-713 Prototyping for the Internet of Things
  • 49-730 Design for Manufacturing, Assembly and Sustainability
  • 49-733 Designing Smart Systems

*Required unless your background is in engineering.


  • 49-714 Programming for Online Prototypes
  • 49-715 Special Topics: IoT Ecosystems: Designing Intelligent, Interactive, Internet-ena
  • 49-719 Internet of Things - In Depth
  • 49-734 Special Topics: Designing Smart and Healthy Systems
  • 49-740 IPD Methods
  • 49-741 Integrated Product Development
  • 49-746 Integrated Innovation Institute Internship
  • 49-747 Innovation Mindset in Practice

In the MIIPS program, you will have the opportunity to take courses offered by other departments at Carnegie Mellon. To help plan your program, you'll receive a complete list of pre-approved electives prior to academic advising appointments each semester.

Please note that to enroll in an elective course, you must receive approval by your advisor and demonstrate that the coursework is relevant to the product development process. 

The IPD Capstone: A History of Designing the Future

Join a select, powerful network of alumni innovators who have taken our pioneering capstone: Integrated Product Development (IPD) course. Founded in 1986, the course originated from the writings of Nobel Laureate and Carnegie Mellon University professor Herb Simon and became the cornerstone of the MIIPS program in 2003. Both the course and MIIPS degree program have served as a model for other universities.

Learn a tried-and-true methodology to innovating products and services that trascends the limitations of any one technology or industry. 

Previous IPD Project Sponsors

Explore just some of the industry leaders who have sponsored the capstone experience:


Program Options

Build Kitchen


Work alongside talented engineers, designers, and business professionals, learning to tackle complex problems and create breakthrough products and services.

  • 9 months (August-May)
  • Ideal for candidates looking to build skills in an accelerated format
  • Part-time option available

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IoT Personos

MIIPS Advanced Study

Building upon MIIPS, the MIIPS Advanced Study degree takes the innovation experience a step further, allowing you to gain practical experience and delve further into cutting-edge technology and research.

  • 16 months (August-December), with summer internship & additional fall semester
  • Great for candidates seeking more experience or to pivot careers
  • Features Innovation Mindset in Practice & additional coursework

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MIIPS Advanced Study + Integrated Study in Computer Science

The MIIPS Advanced Study + Integrated Study in Computer Science degree includes additional coursework in the School of Computer Science for those interested in enriching their technical skills.

  • 22 months (2 academic years)
  • Ideal for candidates looking to build technical skills innovation
  • Prior background in computer science required 

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