Carnegie Mellon University

Ashish Sreedhar (MS '16)

Hometown: Banglore, India
EST&P Concentration: Mechanical Engineering
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, R. V. College of Engineering   

Ashish Sreedhar completed his undergraduate studies with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from RV College of Engineering in Bangalore, India.  With an ambition to work on improvement of India’s energy infrastructure and increase efficiency, he was ashishon the lookout for programs that would instill the required skill- set and EST&P fit the bill very well. He was admitted to the one-year EST&P degree program for the Fall 2015 semester with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering.

“EST&P as promised, covered all aspects of energy and gave its students a base to build upon”, Ashish expressed about the program. On arriving to CMU, Ashish first realized the power of flexibility offered in EST&P and over the course of two semesters took all the subjects he had hoped to cover.

He was particularly impressed by the work ethic of Professors like Prof. Costa Samaras and Prof. Shawn Litster. Moreover their cross collaboration, joint publication and respect for each other’s work had a lasting impression on him.

In terms of activities on campus, Ashish enjoyed the experience and exposure that came with the Technical and Business opportunity conferences (job fairs). He enjoyed attending lecture series from visiting faculty and industry experts, especially on topics of energy storage.

Ashish participated in the IBM Watson data analytics competition where they were challenged to find a cost effective measures of reducing GHG emissions. His team used the commercial buildings energy consumption database to find interesting trends which could guide some energy reduction schemes. Outside academics Ashish enjoys playing sports and attending concerts.

Ashish graduated in May of 2016 and became employed by Aquion Energy, a CMU based energy storage startup as a research engineer. Aquion, with a strength of 250 employees manufactures a unique, long cycle life battery made of only organic material. They are currently servicing the home and off-grid markets but soon hope to scale to smart grid networks and utility scale deployments. Ashish works on modelling newer batteries and optimizing existing design at Aquion.