Carnegie Mellon University

Costa Samaras

May 24, 2022

EST&P Core Faculty Member Serving in the White House

Energy Science, Technology and Policy’s core faculty member, Costa Samaras, is currently serving in the Biden-Harris administration in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). Samaras is serving as principal assistant director for energy and OSTP chief advisor for energy policy in OSTP's first-ever energy division. He will provide senior-level policy advice to the director, deputy director and OSTP senior staff to analyze, recommend and implement the energy technologies needed to meet the Biden-Harris administration climate goal of a net-zero emissions clean energy economy no later than 2050. As a senior-level expert, Samaras will formulate policy initiatives, assemble policy teams, brief administration leaders, provide leadership on interagency science policy activities in energy-related sciences and policy, and identify opportunities for clean energy research, development, deployment and demonstration initiatives.

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