Carnegie Mellon University

Himanshu Deshpande at USAEE Conference

January 03, 2020

Deshpande Presents on Storage at USAEE/IAEE Conference

In Nov. 2019, EST&P student Himanshu Deshpande presented his research at the 37th USAEE/IAEE North American Conference, "Energy Transitions in the 21st Century," in Denver, CO. His work was titled "Assessing the economics of commercial/residential storage using an intertemporal decision framework."

Deshpande had been working on his project for nearly one year—first as a semester research project and then working on it as a summer research intern with CMU's Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation Director and Trustee Professor in Energy Jay Whitacre, with former CMU Engineering and Public Policy (EPP) PhD student Guannan He.

"My research project tried to answer to the following question – “What is the maximum revenue that can be generated by cycling residential battery pack (we considered Tesla Powerwall) based on electricity price difference?” I extended and applied the intertemporal decision making framework which was first proposed in an article co-authored by He and Whitacre in the journal, Nature Energy," said Deshpande.

Over three days, the conference covered topics ranged over a broad spectrum of energy and related economics. Topics included "Transition to EVs," "Trends in Oil/Gas industry" and "Economics of Grid and Load Defection."

"It was a unique experience for me presenting my project results in front of industry leaders and researchers from leading institutes around the world," said Deshpande. "I met with around a dozen CMU EPP alumni at the conference and we had a great discussion about the economics of energy storage systems and the way forward for batteries."

Deshpande's experience was made possible by the Scott Institute.