Carnegie Mellon University
Summer DineXtra is now available to purchase through GET Funds! Learn more

GET Funds

GET allows students, faculty, and staff to add DineXtra funds to their dining account with ease, using a web-based platform or a mobile application. Parents can also deposit funds into their student’s DineXtra account. In addition to adding funds, users can view their DineXtra balance and spending history.

DineXtra is a declining balance program that is available to students throughout the academic year or summer months and to faculty and staff year-round. DineXtra dollars can be used at any on-campus dining location or off-campus dining partner and can be used along with a meal block purchase or just as DineXtra alone. DineXtra is better than cash because you receive a bonus value of up to 10% of the amount added. The bonus is 1% for $100, 2% for $200, and so on up to 10% for $1,000!

A note about DineXtra Bonus Funds
DineXtra bonus funds are added to your account as a separate deposit and are accessible only after you have depleted the regular DineXtra funds from your initial deposit. If you need to split payment for a purchase between your regular DineXtra and bonus DineXtra funds, your card will need to be swiped twice at the register. For example, your meal costs $9.00 and you have a DineXtra balance of $4.00 and a bonus DineXtra balance of $50.00. After swiping your card, $4.00 of regular DineXtra funds will be applied, and the cashier will state that you still owe them a balance of $5.00. Let them know that you have bonus DineXtra funds and ask them to swipe your card again. The remaining $5.00 balance will be deducted from your bonus funds upon swiping your card a second time. 



DineXtra can be purchased in addition to a meal plan or just as DineXtra alone. You can use it to upgrade your meals with special options like premium entrées, to purchase items a la carte at any of our dining locations, or to shop at our campus convenience store. In addition to dining on campus, we also partner with popular off-campus dining locations, where your DineXtra may also be spent.

Faculty and Staff

DineXtra is a convenient, cost-saving way to enjoy your favorite foods on campus and at our off-campus dining partners. Whether it's a daily cup of coffee, lunch a few times a week, or dinner if you're staying for an event or working late, DineXtra provides the convenience of only needing your Carnegie Mellon ID card to make a purchase and saving you up to 10% at the register. Purchasing DineXtra dollars gives you a bonus value of up to 10% of the amount added - 1% for $100, 2% for $200, and so on up to 10% for $1,000.

Parents and Guardians

If your student is low on DineXtra funds, you can now add dollars to their account with ease, using a web-based platform or a mobile application. All you need is your student's first name, last name, and his or her CMU student card identification number. The funds you add are immediately available. During the busiest times of the academic year when students are buckling down with their studies and not able to think about much else, a DineXtra deposit from home will be a much-appreciated surprise!