Carnegie Mellon University

A nationally top-ranked dining program.

Carnegie Mellon Dining Services offers a diverse portfolio of dining destinations, enriches and nourishes lives, and enhances the CMU transformative experience for students. 

Our Mission

Carnegie Mellon University Dining Services provides a unique and diverse food service program that meets the nutritional, educational, multi-cultural and social needs of students and the university community and contributes to the meta-curricular experience. 

Our Values

Our core values are reflected in our daily interactions, decision-making opportunities and support the greater mission of the division and university.

Integrity: Upholding ourselves to our moral and ethical standards and treating each other and our partners with dignity and respect
Excellence: Striving to always improve the quality of our services and products offered
Responsiveness: Anticipating customer needs, exceeding expectations and providing timely and accurate information to the campus community and outside stakeholders
Collaboration: Enhancing the campus dining experience by partnering with others to solve complex challenges and develop new ideas
Innovation: Challenging the status quo and providing industry-leading solutions
Diversity: Providing dining destinations that align with the diverse needs of our campus community, increases social connectedness and fosters an environment of inclusivity
Sustainability: Following sustainable business practices, which focus on ecological preservation, support social justice, and improve local prosperity