Carnegie Mellon University

Gender Studies Minor


Lisa Tetrault, Faculty Advisor
Baker Hall 252
Laura Donaldson, Undergraduate Academic Coordinator
Baker Hall 259
Gender studies is an interdisciplinary field that investigates how gender is embedded in social, cultural, and political relationships. It understands gender as a category of power that intersects with other power relations, including race, class, and sexuality.

Courses allow students to develop a deeper understanding of how gender operates, and to transfer the analytical skills they acquire to other courses as well as to their personal and professional lives. The minor combines coursework in English, history, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, economics, and modern languages.

Courses taken to fulfill requirements in other major or minor programs may not be applied to the Gender Studies minor requirements (and vice versa).

Gender Studies Minor (54 Units)

Complete one of the following (9 units):

  • 76-241   Introduction to Gender Studies
  • 79-331   Body Politics: Women and Health in America
  • 79-320   Women, Politics, and Protest

The minor also requires 36 units of elective intermediate courses and 9 units of elective advanced courses. View current courses [.pdf].

To declare the Gender Studies Minor, please contact Laura Donaldson or stop by Baker Hall 259.