Carnegie Mellon University
Undergraduate Degrees

Undergraduate Degrees

The Carnegie Mellon English department offers four undergraduate degrees: the Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, the Bachelor of Arts in English, the Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing, and the Bachelor of Science in Technical Writing and Communication.

B.A. in Creative Writing

The Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing is based on a conservatory model, in which students study with faculty members who are practicing poets and prose writers.  Students develop their talents in writing fiction, poetry, screenwriting, and creative nonfiction by attending small, roundtable classes that give them the opportunity to practice their craft, to experiment, and to grow as writers.

B.A. in English

The Bachelor of Arts in English draws upon the artistic and research strengths of its faculty in creative writing, literary and cultural studies, and rhetoric. Students in the English B.A. thereby learn the research skills and writing strategies to enable them to analyze the language and texts of others and to report their research in effective texts of their own. Such training can prepare students for graduate work in literature, culture, or rhetoric, and also for careers in law, business, or government, which require similar skills in interpretation, writing and the analysis of how communication works.

B.A. in Film and Visual Media

Launched in 2019, the Bachelor of Arts in Film and Visual Media (BAFVM) major trains students through a combination of coursework in visual media, film history and analysis, screenwriting, and production of film and other visual media. This major offers a comprehensive education from theoretical framing and historical-cultural contextualization, to training skills in both creating and analyzing film, and developing a complex blend of creative, professional, and technical competencies.

B.A. in Professional Writing

The Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing is a career-oriented major designed to prepare students for successful careers as writers and communications specialists in a range of fields: publishing, government, law, journalism, health care, community advocacy, the non-profit sector, education, corporate communications, finance, and the arts. The major is designed to develop writers with both the professional skills needed to negotiate current work contexts and the analytic and problem-solving skills needed to keep pace with cultural and technological change.

B.S. in Technical Writing and Communication

The Bachelor of Science in Technical Writing and Communication is a career-oriented major for students interested in writing for technical fields. Technical writers design, write, and edit documents for engineering, scientific, industrial, and governmental organizations. These include technical reports, computer manuals, brochures, proposals, technical specifications, educational and training materials, and marketing or public relations releases.