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Dietrich College Interdepartmental Minors

Dietrich College Interdepartmental Minors

Dietrich College interdepartmental minors are programs whose content and components span two or more academic departments to form coherent patterns of study.
A number of interdepartmental minors are offered by Dietrich College and are, in general, available to all Carnegie Mellon undergraduate students. As well, there are numerous other minors offered by other colleges in the university that are generally available to Dietrich College students. The full list of minors available to Carnegie Mellon students is located in the catalog index under “Minors.”

Learn about the Film and Media Studies Minor and the Gender Studies Minor.
Completion of the requirements for any of these minors is noted on the final transcript.

To discuss the possibility of declaring a non-Dietrich College minor, contact the advisor listed for the minor in question.
In general, unless noted, no course taken to fulfill requirements for these interdepartmental minors may apply toward any other program's requirements.